Printed ‘image on Ceramic, / Porcelain Tiles, Wood, MDF, Ply. Frequently asked questions answered.


How much will it cost?

Please visit the your desire product page and send through the details of your desired material this will give you a cost estimate.

Choose a photo

For ‘image on your desired material’ artwork options.
We will check that the proportion of your material will fit the proportion of the image.
Often ‘cropping’ is necessary – if so then we can email through the cropped version.
If you have a particular image in mind then let us know and we will hunt through the thousands of images & photos and hopefully come up with some options.

Site measure

We need to ask you a site measure to work out the exact dimensions for your image on your desired material.

Graphics / Artwork signoff

Graphic / artwork / Photoshop work (if necessary) is done at this stage and artwork is ‘signed off’.


A sample can be printed prior to the whole image being printed.
Any necessary changes to the artwork can be made and further samples printed if necessary.
Any further graphic design time is an extra charge.

Printing & Installation

The image is printed onto the material and will be delivered.

How long will it take to print and install?

Simple ‘image on material’ can be designed, printed and delivered quickly.
Complex designs can take quite a lot longer.
Overall we advise that the process should not be rushed!

Can I get a sample printed before I go ahead with the whole printed material?

Yes, we advise this.

I don’t know what image would look good with my colour scheme – HELP!

Please take an expert opinion at your end, Architect / Interior Designer or write to us.

I have something in mind that I want for my material can you produced ‘custom designs’?

Yes certainly, please email us with your brief and we can discuss further.

How do I get a quote?

If it’s a simple printed image then visit the Estimate Page and email us with your approximate dimensions and we will get an estimate for you.
If it’s more complex, the best solution is to email through a sketch showing dimensions and special requirements such as edge-work, power-points etc.
After the estimate has been done the next step is to get an accurate site measure where a firm quote can be given.

When I buy a ‘license to use’ one of your images what does this mean ?

As part of the estimate, there will be a ‘license to use the photo. This means that you have purchased the license (or right) to use the image for your own personal use and BANOOR holds the copyright. Basically you cannot distribute or print this image for any other purpose.

My Construction isn’t finished yet – can I get a site measure done for the printed materials I wish to order ?

You can get an ‘estimate’ based upon your approximate dimensions. However an accurate site measure is required.
Complete accuracy is necessary to ensure the Perfection.
However some items such as extractor hoods can be installed after the Printed material including printed Glass is installed – if in doubt, please ask.

Do you personally print these Materials?

We do the digital printing, graphics, artwork design and liaise between client and other required trades people – we leave the specialist areas of all the Media/substrate, materials and in some cases the printing of images on Tiles, Glass, Wood etc etc to specialist printers.

Do you install?


What warranty comes with a printed Material?

3 – 5 Years or may be more but depends on the installation Method and Location.
The Warranty is restricted to the process and image quality produced through our own Designed and developed Digital Printing Technology and does note cover the materials even if the material is procured by us.

Can I get just a plain color on my material ?

Yes certainly please enquirer.

Can I get a mirror glass?

Yes these look great please enquirer.

Can I use the Glass as a whiteboard?

Absolutely, good quality whiteboard markers should be used or white ‘liquid chalk’ markers for darker color splash backs.

What’s the maximum size for a printed Material?

A Printed Material can be as long as you wish, and there will be joins where necessary.
What is the Maximum thickness of the Materials you can Print ?
We can Print on Standard Tiles/ Glass /Wood / MDF Boards. To be specific any material having maximum thickness of 80 mm.
What is the Maximum Width you can Print.
It can be as wide as you wish but need to enquirer for specific Material.

How is the image printed onto the Glass?

It is digitally ‘reverse printed’ directly to the back of the glass.

Will the image printed onto the material fade with a lot of UV sunlight?

As a general rule, UV rays will always degrade the color in any printed image, just to different degrees.

How is the Printed Material Fixed or Used?

This can be installed or used just like Normal unpainted material.

Can you print onto glass for shower and wet area?

Yes certainly.

Can the images be printed onto glass so that the actual image remains transparent and used as a translucent shower screen?


Can an image be printed onto glass and installed as an ‘outdoor artwork’?

Yes, please enquirer.